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ZENITH - Feel the thrill of intense hiking activities Their ZENITH model was co-designed with their team of pros for intense hiking and trekking activities in high light conditions. A sober and robust design, perfect combination of style and performance: Enjoy the panorama with ZENITH's wide field of vision, and the sun protection of the side shells, which you can remove if the light becomes milder. Their 100% UV category 4 brown lenses will protect your eyes from intense light, and offer you optimised contrast, particularly in mountainous environments.

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The sun emits visible and invisible electromagnetic waves. The most harmful invisible rays are ultraviolet rays (UV) and are dangerous even on cloudy days: clouds absorb only 10% of them.


  • Sunglasses cat. 4, VLT 6%

Glasses will protect your eyes from intense light thanks to their 100% UV category 4 brown lenses: designed to ensure optimal contrast in mountainous environments.

  • Wide field of vision

The full frame offers a wide field of vision to fully enjoy the panorama during your outdoor sports activities.

  • Bio-sourced material

The frame of the glasses is made of 45% organic polyamide sourced from castor oil.

  • Wraparound lens

The wrap-around frame of the glasses provides protection from wind generated by speed but also from branches that might get in your way.

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