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It was the year 1947 when Howard Head, an aeronautical engineer graduated from Harvard, decided to try skiing for the first time and he did not like what he experienced. He was frustrated by the quality of the heavy and clumsy wooden skis, which made his first attempt as a beginner difficult.

He decided to develop lighter and more efficient skis that could make this sport much easier for everyone. He quit his job and devoted all his time and energy to the development of skis, a job he kept thanks to the profits he made, nothing more and nothing less than, playing poker. The key was to transfer his knowledge of aircraft design to skis to make them easier to maneuver and more competitive. "If wood was the best material, they would still be making airplanes out of wood," he said.

HEAD's success continues. Internationally successful innovative products attract some of the highest profile athletes of the last decade.

"The limits are there to be overcome" that was the maxim of one of the most advanced visionaries of his time. With this idea, Howard Head laid the foundations of his new company, with the commitment not to rest until he had surpassed all known limits in sport, especially in skiing and tennis, and it seems that he succeeded.

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